What Separates Just Right Heating and Cooling from ?the other guys??

?The other guys? generally replace your unit with the same size one you had before, use all your existing ductwork, and leave all airflow adjustments at the default factory setting. ?Get in, get out, get paid? is their motto.

Quality You Can See

Results You Can Feel

Just Right does a scientific load calculation of your home to determine exactly how much heating and cooling you need. We look at your ductwork to make sure that it is properly sized.

Then we match the right size furnace, with the right size air conditioner, the right size ductwork, and the proper thermostat. We set everything up to work together and spend as much time as we need teaching you how to use it, to get the most out of your money!!!

We know, sounds expensive right?? Just Right Heating and Cooling is comparatively priced to most of ?the other guys? and significantly less expensive than ?the big guys?. All the while performing much higher quality work than both!!

If the service you are looking for is not listed DO NOT WORRY!

Simply Call Us?716-773-4822?or complete a?request form?and we will let you know how we can help!

  • Pressure Switch Replacement
  • Inducer Fan Replacement
  • Blower Motor Replacement
  • ECM Blower Replacement
  • Ignition Module Replacement
  • Hot Surface Igniter Replacement
  • Thermocouple Replacement
  • Condensate Pump Replacement
  • Control Board Replacement
  • Fan Timer Replacement
  • Limit Switch Replacement
  • Circulator Pump Replacement
  • Zone Valve Replacement
  • Air Scoop / Air Eliminator Replacement
  • Expansion Tank Replacement
  • Pressure Relief Valve Replacement
  • Fill / Reducing Valve Replacement
  • Evaporator Coil Replacement
  • Condenser Replacement
  • Capacitor Replacement
  • Compressor Replacement
  • Electrical Disconnect Replacement
Need Financing?

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